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God’s Gift— 14 Days, E06


Jo Seung Woo x God’s Gift - 14 Days promo

Destiny will follow you no matter what.

It’s no use in running away from it. I will find that person myself and I will change Saet Byul’s fate.


'I will protect you, Saet Byul.'

909 plays 마법의 성 (Magic Castle) Jo Seung Woo


믿을 수 있나요 나의 꿈속에서
Can you believe that in my dreams

너는 마법에 빠진 공주란걸
You are a princess that is cast under a magic spell

언제나 너를 향한 몸짓엔
수많은 어려움뿐이지만
Although there are so many hardships that come along your way

그러나 언제나 굳은 다짐뿐이죠
But I always have a strong determination

다시 너를 구하고 말거라고
That I will save you once again

두 손을 모아 기도 했죠
끝없는 용기와 지혤 달라고
I gathered my hands and pray for endless courage and wisdom

마법의 성을 지나 늪을 건너
Past the magic castle and across the swamp

어둠의 동굴 속 멀리 그대가 보여
Inside the dark cave, I see you far away

이제 나의 손을 잡아보아요
Now hold my hand

우리의 몸이 떠오르는 것을 느끼죠
It feels like our bodies are floating

자유롭게 저 하늘을 날아가도
Even if we freely fly in the sky

놀라지 말아요
Don’t be surprised

우리 앞에 펼쳐질 세상이
The world that is spread out before us

너무나 소중해 함께라면
Is so precious, if we are together


"That’s what a mom is. I went through losing a child once, so what kind of mother wouldn’t do that to stop it from happening twice? If your mom was in the same situation, she would’ve done the same."

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